Here are some common questions we’ve been asked by people coming to the church for the first time, which you may find useful.

Is Berkhamsted Baptist Church just for Christians?
No! Berkhamsted Baptist Church is for anyone, those who want to find out more about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian and those who don’t have any faith in God at all.  Berkhamsted Baptist Church can walk with you, as you think through your faith questions and find your meaning and purpose in life, and we can put you in contact with others who may have similar questions or issues going on in their lives too, or who have been where you are now and have found the answers they sought. We welcome people from any background, culture or life situation. We do not come to church because we think we are better than other people, but because we recognise that we have made many mistakes and need help on our life journey. Some of us have discovered that Jesus really makes a big difference in handling life’s ups and downs, whilst at the same time living in the real 21st century messed-up world and wondering what on earth we are doing to ourselves and why. From time to time we run something called an Alpha course which helps people to find out the basics of what it means to be a real Christian and whether it’s really worth the commitment, in a very relaxed, informal setting sometimes in church and sometimes in someone’s home. If you have an enquiring mind, lots of questions, and would be interested in being part of such a group, please contact our Leadership Team.

I have a young family: does Berkhamsted Baptist Church cater for young children?
Yes. We value children very much and there are a number of activities especially for them. We run a parent/carer and toddler group for 0-3 yr. olds, called First Steps, every Wednesday between 10.00 and 11.30 am in term-time. We have a Sunday school for any children who come to church, of all ages, which includes fun activities and helping to develop children’s spirituality, as well as encouraging the rest of their growth. We also have various social activities from time to time in church or people’s homes, which cater for all ages of children. We also try to help the families of young children as much as possible by giving support and running parenting groups, etc. as necessary.

I’m retired, new to the area, unemployed, lonely, stressed, looking for a church, at a loose end: is there anyone I can chat to?
On Thursday mornings between 10 am – 12 noon, we have Open Church – where we serve free tea, coffee, squash and biscuits / cake to anyone who wants to come in to church for a few minutes’ peace and quiet, to light a candle or pray for someone or seek prayer for themselves, ask questions about the church or faith, or just have a friendly chat with someone. This is organised by several of our church members. It is a very informal way to see the church, ask questions and meet members of the church family without coming to a service and if you need information on our other activities you can find it here.

What is Berkhamsted Baptist Church’s style of worship?
Berkhamsted Baptist Church offers a mixture of traditional and modern worship, to reflect the mix of people we have in the church. We welcome all ages to our services. We like to encourage a real ‘family’ atmosphere of informality and dignity and we are always seeking people with talents to participate in the services, whether this be singing, drama, reading, praying, telling a children’s story, playing an instrument or in lots of other ways.

I was an active member of my last church and would like to get more involved in the life of the church. Who should I speak to?
Great! We are a busy church, and there are many opportunities to get involved. As a first step, why not speak to the Leadership Team?

Does your church do anything for older people?
Yes. We run a weekly Lunch Club for all retired people on a Friday, and once a fortnight we hold a short service beforehand, in a very traditional style. We provide transport if needed at a small charge, within the Berkhamsted area.